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Smart-Type makes it much easier for your users to enter text into your application

Smart -Type works on every word in a field, not just the first one ...

It's best use is in situations where the user is typing in a paragraph - eg medical histories

You can also provide "pre-emptive spell checking" !!


  • Smart-Type works by subclassing the Text or Entry control in a thread safe, MDI compatible manner.  You can open a thread many times, and have several controls on the same window

  • It is compatible with Clarion 6.x and Clarion 7
    (ABC template chain only - exe or dlls)

  • It consists of Source Code only - a template and ABC compliant class - no dlls or black boxes.

  • It works on Entry Fields or text boxes (even though they don't have an IMM attribute!), even RTF controls !

  • Smart-Type can now be enabled on Edit-in-Place fields!


New !! Delimited lists ...

Do you have an email program ? Use Smart-Type to select the email addresses!

The one below will automatically insert a comma when the enter key is pressed ...


New!!  RTF Support

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